Tuesday, December 9, 2014


This week was a GOOD week!

On Monday, we started the DNA unit and it is going great.  Most of the students are progressing through the unit at an appropriate pace or even faster than I expected.  I even had to create an additional assignment on Friday for students that were done with everything on Thursday.  We are doing a lab tomorrow and I'm not at the point where I can have my students doing labs on different days.  I'm open to the idea of it, but I don't know how my 7th graders will respond to that.  Plus, with labs, I like students to collaborate and when students get ahead, they would be doing the labs by themselves.

New things I've realized:

  1. I no longer do ANY direct instruction.  I start the class period with 3-5 minutes of guiding directions of where they should be and where they should be by the end of the class period...and that's it.
  2. My system of checking in on students is working really well.  It keeps the students and myself accountable.  I can see who has all of the assignments done and who hasn't even finished the first one.
  3. My conversations with students are going well too.  I can see what the students are learning 

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